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Write off bad debt QuickBooks Online Tips and Tricks Video Tutorial LinkedIn Learning, formerly Lynda com

Write off bad debt QuickBooks Online Tips and Tricks Video Tutorial LinkedIn Learning, formerly Lynda com

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The balancing debit is to your bad debt expense account, or your allowance for bad debts account if you are using that method. There are two major steps in the process of writing off bad debts in QB Desktop. These include creating a bad debts expense account and closing out unpaid invoices. If you don’t already have one, create a “bad debts” expense account.


From time to time, a business may end up taking on so-called “bad debt.” Bad debt is any debt that a customer legally owes you but can’t pay. If you can’t collect this debt, it represents a drag on your bottom line and can impact your profitability when you enter it into your accounting software. As a cash-basis taxpayer myself, I prefer using the same item on both the invoice and the credit memo. The last thing I want to do is report bad debt expense to the IRS, even if I’m also reporting the additional revenue.

Next you will need to set up the QuickBooks item that you want to use for invoicing purposes. Go to lists/item list and select new item from the item dropdown menu in the lower left. Now select ‘Other Charge’ as the type and give it a name of ‘Bad debt’ and put whatever description you desire . I would leave the rate blank, select tax or non-taxable depending upon your typical transactions and then select bad debt as the account. After creating the non-inventory item for bad debts, you need to create a credit memo for bad debts which we will apply to the invoices later on.

Apply the Credit Note to the Invoice

You will have to open the accounting software and then head to this menu. After that, you can select the Chart of Accounts button. Once done, reach the Account option and choose Expense.

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From the Customer ▼ dropdown, select the appropriate customer. At the upper right, select New, and then Non-inventory.

Alternative 1: Through the QuickBooks Chart of Accounts

Well, https://bookkeeping-reviews.com/ debts are basically the debts that become unrecoverable and are required to be written off, in order to avoid miscalculations in the end. The QuickBooks accounting software allows the users to write off bad debts in QuickBooks Desktop by performing some set of steps. QuickBooks Online — is to use the credit memo feature. However, your business may also use the accrual method of accounting. QuickBooks allows you to use the accrual method with its versatile tools.

Enter the vendor charge using enter bills or write checks. On the pay bill transaction, in the lower left of the screen is the field to choose the bank account “barter account”. If writing a check, change the bank account to “barter account”.

Infographic of Solutions for Write off Bad Debt in QuickBooks Desktop

This is a valuable business metric that will help you manage your business more effectively and profitably. Select Run report from the bad debts account’s Action column. If you haven’t already, create a non-inventory item as a place holder for the bad debt. This isn’t a real item, it’s just to balance the accounting.


Choose the Outstanding Receivables, and the debt will shortly have been written off. If they choose the Report tab, QuickBooks users can easily write off debts. Visit your QuickBooks account and seek for the tab to start the process.

You must select the account that was added in the preceding steps in the Discount Account area. You must access the credit memo you created under Credits. The next step is to choose your customer from the list provided in the Customer drop-down menu. It is necessary to choose the option to create a new account.

You can now run an Account QuickReport to check all the receivables you tagged as bad debt. And head to the QuickBooks invoices from the outstanding transactions section. Under this process, the user should head to settings option and also select chart of account.

Step 5: Apply the credit note to the invoice

To write off the bad debt under a cash accounting method, you must void the invoice related to the debt so that it is not computed as income. If you handle many customers and would like to indicate the sour transaction, you can add a note beside the customer’s name in the Customer Center. In several versions of QB, the Lists menu helps to write off bad debts.

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Once done with that, in the action column of the bad debts account, select run report. Complete these set of steps by selecting save and close options. The user can try performing the below set of steps to successfully write off bad debts in QuickBooks. In both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online, you can enter Items on the fly.

However, there are 2 set up steps that you will need to accomplish first before you can use the simple 2 step method. Select the line item that corresponds to the bad debt. Click the “Customers” menu and select “Receive Payments” from the drop-down list. Then, select the invoice that you want to write off from the Outstanding Transactions menu. Next, you will need to select the customer from the Customer drop-down list. Next, you will have to select the customer from the Customer drop-down list.

A new window will open informing you that you have a remaining deleting invoices and bills in xero part 2 on this credit. QuickBooks will want to know if it can help you apply it somewhere else, offer a refund and help you write a check (i.e. customer overpaid), or apply the credit to an invoice. Seek Capital is not a lender, loan broker or agent for any lender or loan broker.

The Lists menu also comes in handy to write off bad debts in QuickBooks Desktop. This method consists of creating a bad debt account and then recording it. The Approved box does not display if you have checked the Journal Entries approval routing accounting preference.

The debt may not be able to be recovered due to bankruptcy or your own business practice. Once you have the above information, go to the customer center or menu and select create credit memos and refunds. The credit memo screen will open and follow the step below. The main reason why writing off bad debt in QuickBooks is so significant since it helps to avoid any form of fiscal discrepancies. Just by adhering to the steps mentioned above, you will be able to write off bad debts in the particular QuickBooks software. The steps above will help you in evaluating, preparing, and setting up, and employing your debt data.

In the Payment amount space, you need to enter $0.00 and choose Discounts and credits. There is an easy avenue to write off overpayments as well by utilizing the QuickBooks software. Now to view your outstanding account receivable click the Accounts Receivable Aging Detail Report. Make sure to check the payment amount after applying the memo is “$0”. For opening the invoice, select the “Invoice” option present in the list. On the memo box for text, fill in the amount of the bad debt.

In Accounts Receivables, make a general journal entry. After that, apply this entry to existing credit/debit. Thereafter, in Accounts Payable, make a proper journal entry and apply it to existing debit/credit. But if you have to write off small amounts, you can use discounts for this purpose. The proper usage of this process will clear the invoices in the records, making your business benefit from accurate profits made during a specific period. QuickBooks is one of the world’s leading accounting software for small businesses which is recommended by accounting professionals across the globe.

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