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A Doctor Shared 5 Real Ways to Prevent and Cure a Hangover

A Doctor Shared 5 Real Ways to Prevent and Cure a Hangover

In the fast-paced world that is the 21st century, you have far too much going on to risk being how long can a hangover last. When you’re trying to balance work, family, social life and your health, you deserve to know the best, science-backed products that will get you to help you do so. Even if you don’t experience terrible hangovers every time you drink, you’re bound to experience them during big events like… Take one capsule of Over EZ before your first drink.


It can also irritate the stomach by producing excessive amounts of acid which can lead to vomiting and nausea. Additionally, it reduces blood sugar levels quickly, leading to symptoms such as shaking and fatigue. It also affects the blood vessels causing dilation which can lead to a severe headache. Although high-quality studies on the use of chamomile for hangover recovery are lacking, Michalczyk says some people report that chamomile calms overwhelming feelings brought on by drinking. Milk is often said to help prevent hangovers as it forms a coat on the lining of the stomach, which may help to limit the amount of alcohol that gets absorbed into your bloodstream. While there is little scientific evidence to back up the notion that milk helps to prevent a hangover, there are many people who swear by the method.

Drink Water

Follow them closely and you may never need your ice pack again…oooor at least a little less often. Although there is no real “cure” for a hangover, doing the following after drinking may help alleviate the symptoms. Fortunately, dehydration is easy to avoid — just make sure to drink enough water. When sugar-fermenting yeasts produce ethanol — simply referred to as alcohol in this article — congeners are formed as well.

Instead, try to select alcoholic beverages that are lighter in color and use a higher filtration process. If you go overboard and consume too much alcohol, taking hangover supplements can ease symptoms the next day. Vitamins such as B-1, B-6, and B-12 and Vitamin C replenish the body with nutrients. Alcohol removes essential vitamins from the system. While replacing them won’t provide a 100 percent guarantee of a full recovery, they will aid in reducing the symptoms. Although a regular nightcap may initially induce relaxation, it actually works in reverse by reducing the quality of your sleep.

A Doctor Shared 5 Legit Ways to Prevent and Cure a Hangover

Studies have shown that the effects of bubbles in alcohol increases the delivery of alcohol through your system and cause you to become intoxicated faster. Effect of Korean pear (Pyruspyrifolia cv. Shingo) juice on hangover severity following alcohol consumption. First, the more dehydrated you are, the more your blood alcohol concentration goes up.

24 best electrolyte drinks for hangovers in 2023 – DISCOVER Magazine

24 best electrolyte drinks for hangovers in 2023.

Posted: Sat, 11 Feb 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Read on to discover what experts say are some safer sipping strategies. Depending on your symptoms, one of our paramedics at Rocky Mountain IV Medics may recommend adding other medications to the cocktail. The Myers’ Cocktail costs $195 — included in the price are any travel fees to ourservice areas.

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